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Jun 13, 2018
Overnight Camping in Lassen Volcanic Park

Most of the gear that saved my life.

They also helped promote putting me in danger.

Read on for the details and maybe the path I ...Ahem, traveled, can help you make some important decisions on what gear you might use for your first or next overnight hiking trip. The prices posted were what I paid after shipping and taxes if applicable and will most likely not reflect current prices on the links they refer to. As I also used this post to help me understand how my bank account got murdered.

Note: None of the links are affiliate links - They are posted to help anyone looking for similar gear and save some time having to Google your own results.

My two load outs.

The larger pack weighed in around 52 pounds and the smaller came in at 20 pounds. Neither were used at the same time as they both took on the camera weight and tripods depending on which I was using.

Sirui 3T-35R - $69

This is easily the best tabletop tripod I've ever used. It has a choice of using no center column, using a static column or using a column that can be expanded. I chose to swap it our for just the static center column as its extremely stable while offering enough height to clear grass and other low obstacles if the situation appeared.

I will always be with this piece of gear from now on.

Sirui T-025x - $218

This is one of the lightest full-sized tripods in the world. It handled 2 minute long exposures with ease from a Nikon D750 and Nikon 16-35mm f/4 VR. I left the extendable column on and indeed used it with great results. If you want a real tripod with the least impact to your load-out weight, absolutely look no further.

Rockstar Original - $32

Bad for your health. Good for when you need caffeine and you want it ice cold from the 26 degree weather you just slept in.

Coleman Toilet paper 3pk - $6

Toilet Paper does what it needs to. The paper didn't tear and that is enough of a win for me.

Darn Tough Micro Crew - $23

Lifetime warranty, but from what I experienced for my three days using them.... I probably won't need to use it. Simply felt good, dried fast, kept me warm, but didn't overheat my feet. These are worth every damn penny.

Scattante Bliss - $28

Super-light and they are extremely flexible so when squashed by other gear, they won't break. They also didn't fly off in super high wind on the Cinder cone and though I didn't take advantage, they do have three lenses you can swap in and out of. They seem to be permanently on sale.

Under Armour No Breaks Liner Gloves - $10

They kept my fingers from freezing off, but they were not able to fend off sub 30 degree temps unless my hands were also in my pockets. Good grip on my trekking poles though.

Osprey UL Rain Cover - $38

Overpriced, but well, it worked.

Tent Labs Deuce of Spades Trowel - $22

Link here might expire because they have a newer version coming out, but I didn't use it. I used the original and it performed admirably. Did my business like I'd done it before.

Esbit titanium fork - $8

Not the most fun to clean and it bent as easily as an aluminum fork. Rather buy a complete utensil set in another metal for the full price if this wasn't on sale.

Altura Photo lens keeper bags 4pk - $13

I only used one to keep my 16-35mm f/4 protected and the quality of the materials inside and out were top notch. For the protection it offered at the weight it was.... hard to beat.

Sawyer Mini 2pk - $55

It works - I presume because I didn't vomit everywhere, but I wouldn't make this my primary water filter. I will reserve it for back-up status and use the regular full-sized Sawyer Squeeze. Its not much larger realistically and only an ounce heavier, but the flow rate really makes a difference when you are trying to suck some water down to prevent dehydration.


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